Thursday, 26 August 2010


Small but big

A little while ago I was introduced by the Pickup3 principle. Created by a ten year old surfer from California. He wants everyone to pick up three items (that don't belong there) from the beach and throw them in the bin.
Such a small action for each individual but if spread widely it can really make a difference.

Again, love it. Because im sure we are all numbed sometimes all environmental disasters this world. But I like to believe that a thousands small steps really do make a difference in the end. I learned about another very inspirational project as well yesterday. But I will keep that for another time. Enjoy your day! (and spread the word!)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Tiny dreamhouse

A little while ago I wrote about my little dreamhouse. On the blog of i read a post about small houses. That led me to a few nice blogs about tiny houses. Here is the gallery of
I love this one, A treehouse! Or this one, on this gorgeous breathtaking spot. This one is my favorite one. The window! And the location. And love the pics with the structure of the house.
And then there is this website where you can have a look in every corner of these tiny houses. It's so nice. And isn't it great that there are also people who think smaller instead of always bigger, better, more?


Horse horse horse horse horse

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Weekblad dit weekend

Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons & Dharohar

Found this beautiful song of Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons and a traditional indian band from New Delhi, called Dharohar.
The voice of Laura works really nice with the traditional music and I love the banjo (it is the banjo right?)
Here is the song.
On spotify I found more songs of their collaboration, on you tube or the world wide web there is very little to find of this project.

Also love this song, Anmol Rishtey, but again can't really find it. Apparently Johnny Flynn is playing along as well. Such a interesting project, interesting artists and bands. Wish things like this get more attention.

Monday, 16 August 2010


I love the house I live in. It's bright, quiet, I love my kitchen. I just feel good here. But I also have this picture in my head of my perfect country-house. It's small and cosy with a fire place. Very open, doors into the garden and a big window from where I can see the trees, water, birds, horses. Sometimes I ponder a bit more about this house. I also like to have a system that collects the rain, so I can flush my toilet without the use of tabwater, and I like to have some vegetables in my garden and worms to eat my left overs from cooking. But for the time being Im still in my lovely city, and in this really nice city-apartment. Where I draw and dream about future houses..

Drawing of my dreamhouse. It resembles one of houses I used to live in quite a bit. It had a bed high above the room, lots of light, high doors into the garden. Lovely. Best house of all the 14 houses I lived it in Amsterdam.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


The world wide web is so big these days that most of the times I get lost, or I waist my time on facebook, checking possible mails, some more facebook, some more mail-checking. But there are still inspiring websites to find. I love this illustrator. I love the the ink, the lines, the colours. Perfect with this really jealousmaking touch of randomness.(that is so perfectly constructed, great)


Sunday, 8 August 2010

Walk in the Parc

I did not delete anything from this image, this is how I found this plant, just on the corner from my house. I love traveling, my mind and eyes are wide open all the time. (all my senses are) Im not traveling these days, but walked around the parc in the rain. Pretending I was somewhere exotic.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


I love my city, Amsterdam. But I also looooove being outside, mountains, seaside, green hills. From time to time I flee from the city to go somewhere where I can be outside all day. To get away from the concrete and the bricks, and to have some trees to stare at.