Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Say Hello wave goodbye

Het nummer Say Hello Wave Goodbye is een nummer van Soft Cell, zie de reactie van mijn zus Loes bij het stukje over de mooie maar treurige zinnen in liedjes. Wel leuk om even te laten horen:

Boom/ safe

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Beautiful but heartbreaking

Sort of lovesongs, but oh how hurtful.

1. 'You ain'nt a beauty but hey you are alright and thats alright tonight'
from Thunderroad, Bruce Springsteen.

2. 'We tried to make it work, you in a cocktail dress, me in a suit, but it just wasn't me' from Say Hello wave goodbye, David Gray

3.'I ain’t sayin’ you treated me unkind you could have done better but I don’t mind
You just kinda wasted my precious time' Don't think twice, Bob Dylan

(this whole song hits you in the face. I like most of Dylans lovesongs, or better break-up songs. When he sings about breaking up with a woman he usually sings about her with great respect. This song is different. It's really full of hate, but in a very not caring way, oh horrible)

Monday, 29 March 2010

Amarins & le gatte negre

Wat een leuke band, gaat dat zien. Amarins & le gatte negre. Ze spelen vast veel deze zomer! Ik had een tijdje geleden al een ideetje om een keer iets te doen met koffiekopjes als bootjes op de zee. Na dit leuke zeemanskoor (bestaande uit 3 vrouwen) gezien te hebben ben ik maar eens aan de slag te gaan. Een ode, omdat ze me zo'n leuke avond gegeven hebben.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Horses story

Sometimes after a days work my head is full of impressions, words, e-mails. Overflowing and boiling. Such a feeling. On days like that coming home is the best. My own little, quiet world again.
Yesterday was a bit of a busy crazy day, but I came back home, was making risotto. Whilst cutting the carrots I heard a cantaring horse.
Most of you know, I love horses. Since Im 10 Ive spend most of my spare time around horses, outside in my rubberboots. And today its still important to me. I wouldnt know what to do without my tuesdays at the horses.\But hearing horses on a Wednesday-evening. I live in the middle of the city surrounded by bricks and concrete. The nearest stable or meadow is about 10 km. away.
And a cantaring horse. Thats very fast for a horse on a brick road. When I was a little girl I saw them pass by sometimes, that fast. But that was always without a rider. She usually came about 6 minutes later, running after the horse (pony). So my mind was confused. That sound really was the sound of a horse. Just when I decided this horse must have been a fragment of my imagination and that I have to find a better way to deal with stress from work I heard them again.
I openend the balcony doors, flew outside and there they were again, two cantaring horses going around the block. Two bright yellow policemen and their two horses. Chasing a thief or a robber, a 'bad guy' of some sort.

Wow! And my head is fine. And my healthy obsession with horses still there.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Dit weekend had ik al even koffie gedronken op het balkon maar vandaag voor het eerst ontbijt, koffie, krantje. De treinen denderde voorbij en de overbuurvrouw schreeuwde in een taal die ik niet ken. De zomer komt er aan en dit is voor mij de eerste zomerdag. Met een dikke trui maar ook met mijn zonnebril op en blote voetjes. (koude blote voetjes, dat wel)

Saturday, 20 March 2010

VPRO luisterpaal

We have this great tv/radiostation in the Netherlands, called the VPRO. They have a special website for music called Radio3voor12.
It's a great website with a fantastic service called the 'Luisterpaal'
Full of great albums, that you can listen to for a week, sometimes a little longer. Make this site your favorite and you will always have a good update on your indie-music releases. I love Laura Marlings new album. I loved the first one, but this one makes me run to the store straight away. But I guess I dont have to: i can buy the album monday or tuesday cause I can listen to it on the Luisterpaal all weekend.

Have a good weekend, the sun just came out, im going to buy a newspaper and some oranges.

Weekblad vandaag

After I sended the first draft they called me back: " We like your illustutration, but, could you perhaps give him a bit more chesthair?"
"Is that all????, Yes, I think I can manage that"
So the illustration, with a little more chesthair than in the first draft.

Friday, 19 March 2010


Today I stayed in and worked on an illustration. The first draft was rejected, had to make another one, Im quite happy with it. It turned out really good. Hope the client thinks the same. In the meanwhile I enjoyed my house, my coffee. This nice house makes me really happy


8 followers! Thanks, every new follower brought a smile to my face and made me realize people are actually reading my blog.


Inspired by the Postal Service

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Two friendly faces

There is a whole book with pictures from things that look like faces. I can't remember the title but these two garagedoors looked like two friendly faces to me.

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Distroboto machines are former cigarette machines in Montreal wich now sell all kinds of local creations instead: miniature books, comics, mini-CD's (of music or video), arts and crafts, photography, hand-made surprises etc all for only 2,00$ each.

My sister and me both put 2 dollars in: she had a little screenprinted art-piece, I ended up having a mini-CD with old folktunes. (just the music I like!)

But the thing i liked best about our art gifts was the material they wrapped it up in: the packages have to have the same size as a cigarette pack, otherwise the machine does'nt work. The material they use are pieces of old advertisements boards (from local elections..) The six pieces made a nice collection of art in it self.

And lets have distroboto's all over Amsterdam!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Nrc.Next van vandaag

Today, this extra section about choosing your education. I was asked to design something, without using illustrations or photography. Im quite happy with the result, it looks fresh and strong. But it is so simple too.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Take Away concerts

So now and again i go back to Take Away concerts, and treat myself on a good portion of great music. The band Phoenix here.

I do love music!

Ezel, donkey II

Nrc.Next van vandaag

Het stuk, geschreven door Ernst-Jan Pfauth en Peter Teffer, over hoe je een week zonder google-gebruik doorkomt. (sorry voor de liggende foto, mijn twee systemen namelijk Iphoto and Blogspot zijn alletwee nog niet wakker genoeg denk ik, en ik moet rennen voor de trein. Vanavond staat ie recht!)