Monday, 14 October 2013

Stories I only tell my friends.....

by Rob Lowe. BY WHO? Rob Lowe. Yes. The actor Rob Lowe. I have two sisters and it is fun to mock with them. Unfortunatly they are quite good at mocking back. My sister found me a hand-me-down Rob Lowe biography. Since I was a Rob Lowe fan millions of years ago. I actual read the book. He's not a bad writer, ok, let's make it a compliment. He can write. It is an easy read, a bit funny, and he keeps you interested in what comes next. But really, 300 pages Rob Lowe's life? Even if it involves romances with Natasja Kinski, Princess Stefanie and friendships with Charlie Sheen, Mike Meyers and Jim Belushi.  He's a bit full of himself (or is that allowed in an autobiography?) but wants to come across as a genuine and modest guy. Oh well, I got what I asked for I guess, an autobiography by an actor. And the book made me curious to some of those old movies; About Last Night, the Outsiders. So I watched that last one, by Francis Ford Coppola, over the weekend. Scruffy old rock'n roll music, greasy hair and cool cars. Handsome actors (yes I'll give him that). All a bit over top, but entertaining. And sometimes that is just good enough.

And did any of you knew that TOM WAITS features in the Outsiders as well? Well he does.
(The drawing is my old room, from when I was a kid. )

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Today's Nrc H

Three big illustrations with a very inspiring subject; 'What is luxury to you?' The first article is an essay written by a woman who chose to work less hours and has more time on her hand now. To her that is real luxury (hear hear). The second article is about the change in the economy. The writer claims that the luxury I grew up with: choose work and education according to what you love doing, is no longer here. I loved making it, it was a real collaboration with the designer of this newspaper and im happy with the result. Have a lovely weekend. Marike

Friday, 11 October 2013

De droom van de Leeuw....

door Arthur Japin. Een Nederlands boek. De illustratie is geïnspireerd op het boek, maar ook een beetje op Berlusconi. Al lezende moest ik aan hem denken. Deels omdat het boek in Rome speelt maar ook door wat er gebeurd in het boek.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Brights Passage......

by Josh Ritter. His book is as charming and sprankling as his music is. Start your week with some of his good music here! And I hope the drawing gives you a happy monday morning feeling as well! Marike.