Friday, 26 April 2013


Finally! My little zine about courage translated into english, and now for sale in my Etsy shop. A little positive zine about picking up ourage.16 pages total, full colour. Now in english! I've already sold 150 dutch copies, and here it is the english re-print. 16 pages, 135 gram. A nice, touching gift. Goal: bring across a positive feeling. Gesture of kindness during or after a difficult period in some ones life. Or to give some one some strength. Or just a beautiful gift. Now: if you order 2 you will receive 3 zines. Also in combination with my 'lovebook' Here is the Etsy-link. Thank you!

Monday, 22 April 2013


1960, trainticket from Helmond to Arnhem. Final destination; Rome. International convention for Young Catholic Women.

Son of the Circus

By John Irving

You probably all think that I've stopped reading. I didn't. I just started a book that contained 744 pages and it took me ages to finish. When I was at 200 (more or less)  I started to get into the story. And then I still had 544 pages to go.  So it was a bit of a struggle. Instead of telling you anything about the book; the drawing sums up the story: all lines are connected. All details matter, and that makes the book an amazing book, but another part of me wanted the book to be half it's size and over a little sooner. Around page 400 I noticed myself looking at the pile of books next to bed and thinking which one I would start after Son of the circus. But still 344 pages to go…..

And I just had to finish this crazy long story about a doctor,
an actor,
a dwarf,
a beggar boy,
a police officer,
a crow,
a priest,
a hippie with blond pubic hair,
a young schoolboy,
a transsexual,
a german drug dealer,
an acrobat, a murderer,
a blond austrian woman, a pen, a huge dildo, 
a golf club,
a white ambassador (taxi),
a homosexual brain doctor.

The book is done now, and the last scene, was beautiful, touching, kind, clear. My final opinion; perfect holiday book. (but maybe not the best book to read while you have work to do, newspapers to read, rooms to vacuum and laundry to wash....)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Lost & Found

Yesterday my aunt gave me a collection of old pictures. It is a pile of little black and white pictures. There are fountains, mountains, rivers and dresses to see. Lovely dresses worn by the three women. One of them is my dad's cousin. She and two of her friends travelled around Europe in an old deux cheveux. We are talking 1956, 1958 en 1959. Three courageous women and a deux cheveux. Im very touched by the pictures, and it is mindboggling to think how they travelled, where they slept, who they met and how they got around. No internet, no navigation system, where there even signposts? Hardly any phones around I think. How did austrian farmers react to these three dutch women? My aunt also gave me a scrapbook from their trip to Rome, with maps, written text, and pictures. (A blog avant la lettre) I feel like just found a treasure. I found a treasure! What shall I do with it? One thing is for sure, can't keep it to myself. So here is the first glimps. And I want to praise all those brave women who travelled before me. I can't even tell how much that means to me, that you made those trips, and eased the road for all of us who will travel after you.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Monday Moustache

My friend Roosmarijn gave me a fine collection of fluffy moustaches. A good item to wear to a party but also a great item to use in drawings. From now on I will add a fluffy colourful mo to all the men in my illustrations. Have a good week, Marike.

Friday, 12 April 2013

A zine!

Frontpage of a new zine; this one is about looooooove. Love for your mum, your brother, your boyfriend or your BFF. A simple book to tell them you love them, and to tell this person why he or she is so special for you. It will be a size bigger (A5) than 'Moed Moet' , but for all of you lovely Stadsgiraffe Fans the same price as Moed Moet. (what was that ridiculous low prize again????? 2,50 for the first 2 zines, excl postage). So mail me if you want to place an order. Or wait till the zine is printed....

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lost & Found

I found an old scrapbook, with bird pictures. Lovely! Just what I needed at the (finally....) start of spring. For the dutch readers: the name of the birds are brilliant: Lachduif, Roodoorbuulbuul en de Turqoise parkiet.