Friday, 23 May 2014


My blog, I'm neglecting the blog. Sorry my dear friends. Im currently in Treis, a little village in Germany an hours drive from Frankfurt. Im staying with a family, in the oldest house of the village. The family consisting out of mum, dad, and two teenagers, live in one part. The grandmother lives in a different part and the great-grandmother (93) also lives here. And 22 horses. 2 cats and a beautiful, large wolf like dog named Tessa. And here I'm; a city girl from Amsterdam. So used to taking care of myself, living with this family. It's funny, the mum and dad have a great sense of humor and are both able to laugh about the teenage grumpiness and their never ending occupation with their telephone. I have my own room, with my computer, a view on the meadow with the two stallions and I just let life be life for a bit. I get up early, eat breakfast and go outside around 8. Feed the stallions, take care of the stables, feed the dog and the geese (oh yeah there are also two geese). Sweep the floor.
It may sound boring but there are so many interesting things: we drove to an certified organic horse/ cow stable. It blew my mind: loads of solar panels on all the roofs, and addition to that: waterpower from their own mill. They produced enough energy to supply 40 houses. So inspiring. To live in this beautiful, amazing, green surrounding and to see how people fully appreciate their surrounding and try to keep it as healthy, clean as can be. But still run their farm and are able to sustain themselves. I have traveled to so many amazing countries. And here Im, 4 hours drive away from my house: but so beautiful and clean. I have loved all the countries I was in, but truly, Europe also is pretty amazing. So what more have I done: I've been riding through the fields on kindest horses I've ever met: Welshcobs. Had a riding lesson. I had to inject medicine to a horse. Worked with the baby of the family: a year old horse called Faye. Helped cut down (old, fallen) trees. I just get to see what it takes to run such a farm and I love everything about it: sitting in the old knackered Toyota 4 wheel drive, or take the kind strong, healthy 20 year old guilding back to the stable, riding him, the was so sun  strong. No helmet, wearing a tanktop and loving loving loving life.
As boring as it sounds to all of you. I love it. Life is calm and I have next to nothing here: my computer with 40 songs (thought I could use Spotify but I can't) some books and a nice red chair, a little table and a comfy bed. And the family loves food as much as I do, and cook great food. (current favorites in the family: white asparagus and strawberry desert…..) So life is good, but I alread mentioned that did't I? Love from Treis and drawings soon, I promise. (ps and more amazing: I still get to work on my own work. I love making still work on that for different clients)