Friday, 24 September 2010

To Do

This was my weeks to-do list. I promised myself im going to make more to do lists. But fun to-do lists.

1. drink cocktails with my friends a get a tiny little bit tipsy.
2. take the horse out for a long ride through the parc.
3. cook really nice food for my friends.
4. sitting next to the fireplace. (and build a fire ofcourse)
5. go kiting again.

Today I actually went for a long long ride through the parc. It was so nice. The weather was amazing and I felt really really lucky. Like my co-rider said: we should count our blessings!
I think we both did. And we went for a coffee while the horses were parked in the horses-parkinglot. A horsesparkinglot. Will make picture soon. Have a fabulous weekend!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Popular Science

Several months ago I published this blogpost about this amazing magazine. At the time I promised to up-load some of the content. But I never did. Until today. Im sorry for the bad quality but did not want to rip the pages too far apart.
A weird warrior from the future?


Friday, 17 September 2010

Horse painting

One of my old paintings. I like painting, wish I had a high studio where I can play good music, drink coffee and paint.


This lovely festival on this lovely island.
My friends and me had such a good time. It still brings a smile to my face. The thursday we arrived we had diner with a family who lived on the island. We were complete strangers but we were invited into their home, cooked us nice food, and told us what life is like on such a small island ( you never ask your co-workers"did you have a good weekend" on monday cause you have seen them around all weekend any way)

The mum of the family is an artist and works in an amazing converted barn. I like her paintings a lot! This is a set postcards inspired by living on the island. Love the graphic influences in her paintings.

Cloud of tea Cup of tears

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Great festival, great music!

I've spend some days on Vlieland, this island in the north of Holland. Together with 6000 other people, a few bands. I think even the birds up in the air enjoyed the great tunes we heard. This drawing is inspired by Typhoon and the New Cool collective. Here is a link to their show. (and im in the audience, the camera has caught a short glimpse of me dancing and smiling......)