Friday, 29 January 2010


My mothertongue is dutch, I like to write, and to read but my dutch is pretty bad, grammarwise. (dutch grammar is quite complicated, with different tenses in the verbs and with loads of different rules; and expceptions to the rules)
English is my second language, and I try very hard not to make any mistakes. Sometimes I make myself laugh with a mistake that I made writing for this blog. Usually I notice the next day, or I don't notice at all. I'm very sorry for all english readers: Im not stupid or retarted, It's just not my first language. But at least it's not permanent! I stole this blogpost from Nrc.Next


  1. Volgens mij is het "retarded"

    En dat is niet zo'n leuk woord dacht ik, 'retard' is als scheldwoord zoiets als 'mongool'

  2. Like I said: its not my first language