Friday, 24 September 2010

To Do

This was my weeks to-do list. I promised myself im going to make more to do lists. But fun to-do lists.

1. drink cocktails with my friends a get a tiny little bit tipsy.
2. take the horse out for a long ride through the parc.
3. cook really nice food for my friends.
4. sitting next to the fireplace. (and build a fire ofcourse)
5. go kiting again.

Today I actually went for a long long ride through the parc. It was so nice. The weather was amazing and I felt really really lucky. Like my co-rider said: we should count our blessings!
I think we both did. And we went for a coffee while the horses were parked in the horses-parkinglot. A horsesparkinglot. Will make picture soon. Have a fabulous weekend!

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