Friday, 29 October 2010

Digital Paranoia

Years ago when i moved houses i got an long piece of paper from the city-council. It said where I had lived, when I had left the country and all sorts of other things. These days my digital footprints are everywhere. The railway-company wants me to use a discountcard/chipknip-card that tells them exactly where I have been, when, and how often i make that trip. My supermarket wants me to use a discount-card so they know exactly what I buy. If i buy something on-line for my sister in Canada the online-store knows I have sister in Canada. A lot of people don't care and maybe Im a little digital paranoia. But it does freak me out sometimes. I saw a documentary about this subject that shows very well how much information is stored in places. I think its not the best documentary, 'Erasing David' But it does show how much information is kept in places and institutes that i don't even know about.
This documentary and an article in the newspaper inspired me to make this drawing. I will do it again, it's just the first draft. Decided to show it already though.

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