Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Slowly ive come to realize that are a few groundrules for making my drawings and art-work. I haven't worked out it completely but I have noticed a few important things. First drawing is just like any other thing you want to excell at: I need to draw a lot, practice, make mistakes, wor
k harder. Take it as seriously as any other job.

Another thing I have noticed that makes drawing easier for me is to buy a nice fresh sketchbook. I love to draw randomly on large pieces of paper. Draw everything I see or hear or feel. But after this stage a clean fresh sketchbook forces me to make choices. Pick out the good drawings, throw away the bad ones. And it forces me to think about rhythm of the selected works. Somehow a proper sketchbook makes my work more important. This goes for this blog as well: i have to make and pick out work on a regular basis. My work is such a big part of my life that I need these tools sometimes to make the good work as important as it is. Instead of having it on random pieces of paper, hidden in a drawer to be forgotten and thrown out eventually. So needless to say that im truly happy with all you visitors that come back to my blog. Take the time to look at my work. I think my drawings appreciate it as well. They like being looked at.

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