Thursday, 7 March 2013

Terug naar Kongo....

By Lieve Joris. After reading 'Poisondwood Bible' for the second time, I noticed Kingsolver mentioned several books a reference. One of these books was 'Terug naar Kongo'(1987) by Lieve Joris. A name I remember from my childhood, or from my highschool days, im not sure. A week later some else recommended one of her books and a week after that I found 'Terug naar Kongo' in the thriftstore. The belgian writer Lieve Joris travels to Kongo to trace back the steps of one her uncles, who had been a catholic father in Kongo. She lives with the nuns for a few weeks, travels down the river Zaire on an old barge, goes drinking in the little bars and tries to avoid the white expat community. I did not learn as much about Kongo as I wanted to, and the story did not grasp me very much. But hey, that's how it is sometimes. So forward to the next book about Kongo I guess. There is one classic that I have to read; Into the darkness by Joseph Conrad, and the book Congo, by David van Reybrouck is also recommended to me. So, let the summer begin, sun, a chair and a stolen moment, read read read.

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