Thursday, 2 May 2013

Oh Boy

Im color blind! Too much orange (the dutch celebrated the inauguration of our new king) for my eyes and now my eyesight is f*cked. The only remedy was to spend as much time as I could in a green zone. So I drove up north and I settled between two meadows and underneath two huge elms. Unfortunatly due to cold weather the grass wasn't as green as it usually is this time of year. But that didn't matter, it was lovely to be outside. It is so quiet in the countryside; all I could hear was the wind, and the birds chitchatting all day. The pigeon really stood out with it's loud sounds. Last saturday Trouw published one of my drawings, but I was so occupied with doing nothing that I couldn't be bothered with uploading the illustration. And that's where the 'Oh Boy' comes in...... Oh boy I was lazy and it was looooovely. Now im back in the city, work is waiting, and hush hush, I have to upload my illustration to my blog. Have a lovely spring people, and get away from the www, your Ipad, Smartphone etc.... birds and trees have interesting stories to share with you as well...

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