Friday, 21 February 2014


Friday afternoon, is, apparently, the worst time of the week to post something. Marketing wise. Well, since I understand very little about marketing any way, and since I love fridays, and since I love being stubborn (always) here is my friday afternoon drawing. It was such a rainy, gray morning. But slowly the sky turned from gray to whitish and I got into the car to drive to the farm to take care of the horse. But I was driving towards a dark cloud, and when I was almost there it started raining heavy drops of cold rain. Luckily the farmer and one of the horse owners were having a break. We have a little shack with a coffee machine, old chairs and an old table. Filter coffee with powderd milk and a kind dog on your lap. Chatter about cows, bulls, horses, wooden floors and old farmhouses. And insurances and taxes ofcourse. It is my all time favorite coffee place. By the time the coffee was finished the rain had stopped and the birds started whistling. By the time I finished riding, the sun came out and the day had turned itself in a beautiful spring day.

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