Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Moving around

Finding a decent living space in Amsterdam is, like in many other big cities, very difficult. I've moved around a lot, so did most of my friends. We all have interesting stories to tell about crazy neighbours, weedgardens, illegal subletting, and in my case: house getting on fire.
The local Amsterdam paper has an article every week about famous amsterdam inhabitants and their housing-history. They tell about where they used to live in amsterdam, under wich conditions and how long. And there is map of amsterdam that shows their movements around this city. I don't think they will ever ask me for this article but it did inspire me to make my own housing-history on a map. I do love Amsterdam-east, and Im happy in this house. Just a few blocks away from my all time favorite house. I lost it after a year and a half but it was the first house that I totally loved. It was 3.30 meters thirty high and i had my garden. The house got me through tough times and gave me peace and quiet in hectic times.

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