Friday, 16 April 2010


9 followers! And i made three more plates. They have a slighty different colour than the other ones and i've made one new design. On the picture only two plates: the flamingo and the shrimp he's about to eat, and a new giraffe plate. (the tree is a little different)
Comments are very welcome, I'de like to know what you guys think. On the other hand I don't like marketing tricks like questionaires, or phonecalls etc. So don't commment of you don't want to.
Oooh how I wish I could call in a sicky and lock myself up in the screenprint studio. Buy boxes and poststamps, have my webshop up and running. But i will do it the indonesian way: slowly slowly (plan plan) be patient, make baby-steps but make the steps well and focused. Other wise i might fall flat on my face (and break all my crockery!)

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