Sunday, 4 July 2010


Since a few years a few of my best friends have become parents. Their perfect little babies have grown into funny little toddlers and smart out-going pre-schoolers. I love them all, and all for different reasons. They have enriched my life, and im so happy that they have become part of it. One is a blue-eyed dreamy boy, the other a kind girls who loves books. There is the strong little girl who makes every one smile and there is the brave sensitive adventurous boy.
Last friday I helped out at my Equistrian Club with a group children the same age as the children of my friends. Our club is specialized in horse-riding for people with a physical or mental disability.
Over the years i have come to admire all those strong, stubborn riders for whom nothing is easy. Just sitting is a challenge for them.
But this group of young children was very different. For all of them it was the first time on a horse. One girl, dressed in pink, just like her mum, loved every minute of it. She was very relaxed, moved her body slowly and looked around. Step by step we let her go. That is our most important role; Not to hold on tightly, but slowly letting go, so their little bodies can carry themselves. Then children can see what they are capable of: ‘ Hey I can’t walk but I can ride a horse!’.
We asked her to lie down on the horse, without blinking she did what we asked. Complete trust in the horse and her own body.

But most of the others were crying a bit. The first few seconds it is so difficult for both the parent and the kids to let go of each other.
Usually as soon the entered the riding-arena the tears were gone and you could see surprise on their faces. ‘Wow i can do this’.
And every parent was standing in the corner, cameras ready. Waving, and the biggest smiles on their faces. Immense love and pride for that little one on the horse.

And I know those smiles very well. I see them on my friends faces all the time. When their child made his first step or rode the bike for the first time, And the immense love and pride is exactly the same.
For me to see the proud proud happy happy faces of those parents. It made me humble and thankful for my happy life. Im blessed in many ways. A healthy body is such a immense gift. I know the parents think their child is perfect, and their child is, but I still had just had to cry a little, and wished for every gorgeous, kind, happy, shy, little kid that day that their bodies would miraculously work again.

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