Monday, 12 July 2010

Illustration Friday

Earlier this evening I sat down to make an illustration for Illustration Friday.
The subject this week is diary and have always written journals and diaries. My drawing wasn't working out though, but I found a few old journals back and started reading.
Something Ive written in 27th of April when I was in NY, years ago. I think in the year 2002 or 2003.
What I wrote was:
" I overheard a converstation this moring. A girl said: ' I wasn't happy with it' So I assumed it was about her relationship or something. No she was talking about her phone! A phone can never make you happy anyway. "

At the time of writing i did not have a steady job or house, was doing a lot of traveling and did not like this world of plenty i was living in.
Its almost ten years later: I have a mortage, a car and steady income. I still don't like the world of plenty im living in. But I'm also a little scared sometimes I have become part of that world of plenty without realizing it.

It was good for me to read this again. Phones, cars, computers can never make you happy. They can make your life easier, but I don't believe having things can make you happy. Happiness is hidden somewhere else, it's not to be found in stores. A reminder for myself, from myself.

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