Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Fresh Fish

On one of the treks I met this lady from New Zealand, Doreen, and she invited me to her house for some kayaking. She has a gorgeous house on an amazing spot next to a bay. All you see is water, birds and trees. Dave, the other horse-volunteer and me did some kayaking but we also spend a lot of time at the beach. After we got back, Doreen told me to empty the fishing nets. We caught one fish, a Flaunder, its a flat fish. (for the dutchies: like schol). Im not a vegetarian and quite fond of meat and I always tell myself I should be able to kill a chicken. If I dont have the gutts to do that, I should not be eating meat. I have never tried to butcher my own food. But this fish needed to be killed before I could eat it. A rock or a knife? Writing it all down makes me sound like a horrible person, like a crazy lunatic who likes to kill. That's not the case at all. I found it difficult, but I do eat meat and fish sometimes. So I got on with it. After the fish was dead, I cleaned it, took the insides out. Washed it down. Cleaned it again. Made a drawing out if. Put flour on it and im going to fry the fish in butter any second now. Caught myself, yes put it down myself (sounds nicer than killed it myself) cleaned it myself and will be eating it myself. There are no big adventures here, but little ones pop up out of nowhere every day.


  1. O marik, wat een mooi avontuur. Het was vast de lekkerste vis die je ooit gegeten hebt. x

  2. en wat heb je gekozen, mes of steen? vroeger deden we dat met een honkbalknuppel. tenminste, wanneer Daniel en Bas op bezoek waren. (Toch?)