Saturday, 9 June 2012

Inspired by the wedding of my sister! Im working on several books with different themes. One of them has a wedding-theme. It is going to be a book with illustrations but there will be plenty of space to personalize the book with you own text and pictures. As a nice gift from a group of friends to the couple. I mentioned in my last blogspot that it feels nice to have time and space. Im still loving it: I have loads of time to really work on different kind of projects that need a bit more time. And at the same time Im making enough to get by for the time being. I worked really hard for the last few years, and all these little seeds I planted, I think some of them are still growing, and with others I can already harvest little small but very sweet fruits. It makes me proud and Im happy that all those years of drawing at my kitchentable are paying off!

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