Sunday, 16 September 2012

Im not sure if you we really have Indian Summers in the Netherlands, cause I don't exactly know what the description of an Indian Summer is, but the weather sure is wonderful. Today I made a lovely ride with a kind, mischievous horse called King. And the weekend I spent with my rather large family in a big house in the woods. I played ping-pong with my cousins ('We rather play your sister, she is much better than you, but she's not available for ping-pong right now so yoiu will do.' Ok thanks guys...), and I gazed at the latest addition to our family, a two week old baby called Jonas Theo. The theme of our weekend was skiing/mountains. We ate raclette, the windows were covered in fake-snow and we even had a breathtaking mountain view from our windows. One of my aunts loves secondhand shopping as much as I do. Their whole house is filled with vintage design. All found in thriftstores or saved from dumpsters. It was my aunt who found this book: A childern book from Alain Grée. Beautiful, precise drawings with colors that resemble the colors in my own drawings. What an inspiration! Another Lost and Found treasure that made my day. My day? My whole weekend!

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