Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lost & Found

I love secondhand. And im always stunned with the beautiful things I find on the streets. I met a man from Canada years ago while i was in Guatemala and he told me that you should never put lots of effort in buying things. If you wait patiently things come to you when you need them, he said. This man was a big stoner, a real travellers hippie so I never took him to seriously. But his advice still lingers in my head cause he might be right. I have found a beenie on the street just when I needed one, I found white trousers in the secondhand store just when I needed one and last week I found an amazing pile of National Geographics. And this gorgeous blanket! I drove pas and from the corner of the eye i noticed the colours. It might be from the Guatamala region. Wonderful. I consider myself a real lucky bastard if things like this happen to me. Have a wonderful sunday!

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