Tuesday, 20 November 2012


This is heart for E, one our riders at the equistrian riding school for the disabled. I started working there as a volunteer years ago. I walked around with a bucket of tar to take care of the hoofs, and I groomed the horses. Sometimes I helped out with the riders but, honestly, I wasn't very good in wiping drool away or shoving and pulling someones body so they are safe on the horse. But over the years I learned a lot and there were moments when I was deeply touched by the perseverance of some our riders. How they have to work to achieve the smallest things; holding on to the reign, or sitting up straight. One afternoon, I just stood there with tears in my eyes when one our childeren, (with a mental disability) pushed the wheelchair of another rider. Both of them screaming and laughing. And both them not bothered by their disability at all. Yesterday one of our riders wasn't feeling to well. He's around forty, and has Down Syndrom. He was quietly sitting in the corner of the bar. We all felt bad for him but we did not know what to do. I'm the bar-lady and I did not want him to be sick in my bar. For the selfish reason that I was oing to be the one to cleanup. Maybe some fresh air might help, I thought, and we went for a short walk. We walked up to Zuni, one of our horses. He looked at the horse, whispered to him and started patting the nose of the horse. Very calm and and very gentle. Completely focused. I was deeply touched by his calmness and kindness. A few moments earlier he annoyed me: Why did he not stay at home if he's ill. What if he vomits all over my floor? And i was a little scared. It is not always easy to reach out people who need our help. Especially if the situation makes us un-comfortable or even scares you. But I got over my fear and in return he just he just made my day. This heart is for him. And for myself as well, so I don't forget to be compassionate and kind to people who need help.

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