Sunday, 27 January 2013

Down and Out in London and Paris

By George Orwell inspired me to make this illustration. It his is second novel and he writes about his life as a 'plongeur' (dishwasher) in a french hotel. His descriptions of bedbugs, rats, dirty dishwash-water and being hungry are still lingering in my mind. It is a quick and easy read, but interesting because you would think this experience, of living among the poor in Paris and London, stood at the base of his famous book; Animal Farm. (.... some animals are more equal than others..... this sentence stuck to me since highschool) Im reading another book, it is about explorers from the Uk in the 1 early 19th century and how they are trying to find Timbuktu and the figure out the course of the Niger. Evernight im grateful for a bed-bug free bed, and everyday im grateful for a all the fresh, clean glasses of water I drink. Hurray for books and good writers and how their stories can make you experience all these adventures while lying on your comfy couch. Have a sunday. Marike.

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