Sunday, 21 April 2013

Lost & Found

Yesterday my aunt gave me a collection of old pictures. It is a pile of little black and white pictures. There are fountains, mountains, rivers and dresses to see. Lovely dresses worn by the three women. One of them is my dad's cousin. She and two of her friends travelled around Europe in an old deux cheveux. We are talking 1956, 1958 en 1959. Three courageous women and a deux cheveux. Im very touched by the pictures, and it is mindboggling to think how they travelled, where they slept, who they met and how they got around. No internet, no navigation system, where there even signposts? Hardly any phones around I think. How did austrian farmers react to these three dutch women? My aunt also gave me a scrapbook from their trip to Rome, with maps, written text, and pictures. (A blog avant la lettre) I feel like just found a treasure. I found a treasure! What shall I do with it? One thing is for sure, can't keep it to myself. So here is the first glimps. And I want to praise all those brave women who travelled before me. I can't even tell how much that means to me, that you made those trips, and eased the road for all of us who will travel after you.

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