Monday, 22 April 2013

Son of the Circus

By John Irving

You probably all think that I've stopped reading. I didn't. I just started a book that contained 744 pages and it took me ages to finish. When I was at 200 (more or less)  I started to get into the story. And then I still had 544 pages to go.  So it was a bit of a struggle. Instead of telling you anything about the book; the drawing sums up the story: all lines are connected. All details matter, and that makes the book an amazing book, but another part of me wanted the book to be half it's size and over a little sooner. Around page 400 I noticed myself looking at the pile of books next to bed and thinking which one I would start after Son of the circus. But still 344 pages to go…..

And I just had to finish this crazy long story about a doctor,
an actor,
a dwarf,
a beggar boy,
a police officer,
a crow,
a priest,
a hippie with blond pubic hair,
a young schoolboy,
a transsexual,
a german drug dealer,
an acrobat, a murderer,
a blond austrian woman, a pen, a huge dildo, 
a golf club,
a white ambassador (taxi),
a homosexual brain doctor.

The book is done now, and the last scene, was beautiful, touching, kind, clear. My final opinion; perfect holiday book. (but maybe not the best book to read while you have work to do, newspapers to read, rooms to vacuum and laundry to wash....)

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