Sunday, 7 March 2010


Distroboto machines are former cigarette machines in Montreal wich now sell all kinds of local creations instead: miniature books, comics, mini-CD's (of music or video), arts and crafts, photography, hand-made surprises etc all for only 2,00$ each.

My sister and me both put 2 dollars in: she had a little screenprinted art-piece, I ended up having a mini-CD with old folktunes. (just the music I like!)

But the thing i liked best about our art gifts was the material they wrapped it up in: the packages have to have the same size as a cigarette pack, otherwise the machine does'nt work. The material they use are pieces of old advertisements boards (from local elections..) The six pieces made a nice collection of art in it self.

And lets have distroboto's all over Amsterdam!

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