Thursday, 25 March 2010

Horses story

Sometimes after a days work my head is full of impressions, words, e-mails. Overflowing and boiling. Such a feeling. On days like that coming home is the best. My own little, quiet world again.
Yesterday was a bit of a busy crazy day, but I came back home, was making risotto. Whilst cutting the carrots I heard a cantaring horse.
Most of you know, I love horses. Since Im 10 Ive spend most of my spare time around horses, outside in my rubberboots. And today its still important to me. I wouldnt know what to do without my tuesdays at the horses.\But hearing horses on a Wednesday-evening. I live in the middle of the city surrounded by bricks and concrete. The nearest stable or meadow is about 10 km. away.
And a cantaring horse. Thats very fast for a horse on a brick road. When I was a little girl I saw them pass by sometimes, that fast. But that was always without a rider. She usually came about 6 minutes later, running after the horse (pony). So my mind was confused. That sound really was the sound of a horse. Just when I decided this horse must have been a fragment of my imagination and that I have to find a better way to deal with stress from work I heard them again.
I openend the balcony doors, flew outside and there they were again, two cantaring horses going around the block. Two bright yellow policemen and their two horses. Chasing a thief or a robber, a 'bad guy' of some sort.

Wow! And my head is fine. And my healthy obsession with horses still there.


  1. wow, spanned. Ik had vorige week ook een ontmoeting met twee paarden (o ja en agenten). Op St-Patrick's day, ze kwamen vast terug van surveilleren in het centrum. Ik zag ze verderop al (wow, mooi), en met een beetje mazzel sprong toen het stoplicht op oranje (geel noemen ze dat hier) en moest ik stoppen. Ze kwamen met zijn tweeen heeeeel dicht naast me staan bij het stoplicht. ze stonken lekker naar paarden en ik was helemaal blij.

  2. Ah loes. Je hebt ook een VPG manege nodig in de buurt.