Saturday, 16 February 2013


It's quiet on the blog. And that's because of a blackout, a meltdown, a crash. Not my own blackout, meltdown or crash but my computers. But I suffered from my own little meltdown cause seemed that all my files, my archive, my drawings of the past few months were gone. Luckily the smartass computerkid was able to save them from my harddrive, and introduced me to the Timemachine application. (with a condescending look in his eyes while his mouth said: 'It's not that it's a new application, it's been 5 years now that every 'pear' computer has Timemachine as a standard application' Yeah folks, I did not know. We're not all smartass computerkids, allthough I learned my lesson. Back-up your files every day, or every week! Hope to be up and running by next week again. Have a good weekend, with lots up up-dating.....

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