Sunday, 3 February 2013

Take it away-sessions

Yesterday evening I went to see the saddest feel-good-movie ever. My friend and me started out sniffing, but ended up crying big big tears. And everyone around us, even the real though guys, were crying. But for me it was also a bit of a feel good movie as well because of the bluegrass music that was played in the movie. Most of the songs were old traditionals I knew by heart, and I loved them all. Today I started googling to find good live bluegrass music in Amsterdam, cause a) I want to marry a banjo-player, b) I want to see more bluegrass music. While browsing I found a session recorded by Blogothéque/ Take it away sessions by a band called the Lumineers. I knew the music cause I listen to this great radiostation from the Uk regularly (through Itunes = Folk Radio UK, amazing good folk all day long) The Lumineers are playing in Amsterdam, it's sold out so no chance for me to marrying this bluegrass singer I guess (it is not really a bluegrass band anyway) but this session sure is amazing! (and don't forget this session; my favorite)LOVE LOVE LOVE MUSIC. Have a nice sunday! Marike.
(foto Blogothéque)

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