Saturday, 16 February 2013

The good life..... Jay McInerney is setted in Manhattan. Dinnerparties where people brag about the Chilean Winery they own, about the pink tibetan salt flakes they use and about their new interior designer. Scenes with expensive champagne and lines of coke. Way too much city life for me but slowly the story pulled me in. And then 9/11 takes place and the lives of the characters changes dramatically. And I kept reading and all of a sudden I was sitting on a fence in Tennessee watching a little disabled girl ride a pony called Little Jimmy Dickens. And two of the characters have the following converstation: "Oh dad I feel like such a loser" " We all do honey" " How can you say that, you have everything" She freed herself from his arm and slipped ovr the back side of the fence. "Let's take a walk" he said, jumping down beside her. She nodded tearfully. " That little girl", she said. "I know." (the 14 year old daughter just left rehab) In my good life some of my friends or people I know struggle with life, love, and give in to (il) legal drugs a little too often. And sometimes, when things are really bad for some, I wish I could show them some of those little fighting hero's I work with every week at the ridingschool for the disabled. One of the most personal, touching experiences of my life was expressed through this scene. In a book that annoyed me at first, cause I just could not stand it's characters with their superficial lives. Good life... Love Marike. (op Marktplaats een paar exemplaren in het nederlands, Het Goede leven)

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  1. tis wel erg stil op je blog. ik kijk uit naar je volgende berichtje.