Tuesday, 29 December 2009


When I came home yesterday evening a little book from Camilla Engman arrived in a beautiful envelop. I came home around midnight, the streets were quiet, my house cold. I always love coming home, but since I live in my new house coming home is better than coming home has ever been.

I sat down at my kichen table and opened the envelop. The book, or better, the whole present is amazingly beautiful. There are all these extra little things with it: a little book about the Dog, a gorgeous label, even the rubberband to hold everything together is so nice. It's all made with the same care and attention that she puts in her drawings. This book made me instantly happy, and after looking at it, it makes you want to move to Sweden, take a dog, live the quiet live and draw all day.
But for the time being im just sitting at my table and dreaming about the day that I can live like that and make such a good work.

Order it, before it's sold out.

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